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    Based on 35 reviews

    I wasn’t sure I should order the Prolo Gel. Since my doctor believes in this product, I decided to buy it. The doctor is right, it works!

    ProloGel Pain Gel- 8oz Tube

    ProloGel Pain Gel- 8oz Tube

    ProloGel Pain Gel - 8oz Tube (12 Pack)

    ProloGel is Wonderful. My husband has chronic pain and this is the only product that has ever given him relief. He loves it.
    He was given a sample by our chiropractor and we ordered the 8 oz bottle after a few days of using the sample. Great Product.

    Chronic back pain gone!

    My first experience with ProloGel WORKED!! I had chronic upper back nerve pain that had been ongoing for months now. I've tried physical therapy, chiropractic, and deep-tissue massages with essentially no success in alleviating the "pinching" pain I was experiencing. I tried ProloGel for the first time today and within minutes I felt the pain start to go away! This stuff is legitimate!! Worth every $$

    Seems to be taking away the pain in my wrists due to chronic tendonitis

    ProloGel Pain Gel - 8oz Tube (12 Pack)


    Hard to believe but out of everything that I have tried, this is the only topical that has given me any measure of relief . Now even family members are buying.


    Solid results thus far!


    I rate this product as excellent

    Excellent product

    Excelent Product

    I bought for my husband and really works, I recommend this Gel

    ProloGel Review

    It is amazing that something with natural ingredients that doesn't get hot, doesn't get cold and doesn't smell, can work so well at relieving pain. I apply it and drive it home with my erchonia laser, which seems to work better together at relieving pain than either separately. Whoever came up with this has done a great service for functional neurology.

    Miracle gel!

    If used as intended (to relieve pain caused by irritated nerves) it is a life saver. Follow the direction for application to get best results. I keep one bottle in my gym bag and another at home. I find it works best to apply after post workout shower.

    Liquid Gold

    Prologel is simply liquid gold! I had had a niggling Achilles tendon injury for months that I couldn't quite shake off. One week of Prologel use and it's no longer a problem. Highly recommend Prologel!

    Prologel to the Rescue!

    My friend, Michelle, was my PT on HHI. She then took a job in Dr. Fife's office. She told me about Prologel because my knee was in so much pain. I used it and was comfortable until I had my knee replaced. My other knee will need to be replaced, therefore I ordered another Prologel. Amazing product!

    Outstanding Pain Relief

    Herniated discs and a shoulder injury have caused me decades of chronic pain. I've tried just about every muscle pain product on the market. Prologel amazed me with the degree pain relief! It also helped relieve neuropathy in my hands. The effect was felt into the day following use. I will recommend this product to all my friends suffering from chronic pain.

    ProloGel Pain Gel- 8oz Tube

    Packs as much punch as my Voltaren prescription gel

    I love, love, love this stuff! With chronic back pain and one failed back surgery, I'd about given up on finding relief. But this ProloGel has been such a wonderful solution. I can apply it even once and feel such relief that I actually forget about the pain. I'm so grateful for this one product; I feel as though I can discard a half dozen other pain relief products in favor of this one. It IS pricey, but it lasts a long time. I TRUST this product to do its job, which I truly cannot say about so many others. Thank you!

    ProloGel Pain Gel- 8oz Tube

    It really works!

    The other night I went down with extreme back pain that also shot down through my hip. Luckily, a friend of mine had some of this gel and had me use it. Within minutes of using the gel, the pain was gone. So happy to have been introduced to this product and ordered some of my own! Finally found something that really works.


    You won’t find a product like this anywhere else! It’s innovative, and targeted in how it reduces hard to treat nerve pain. We use it in our clinic, and send it home with my patients. ProloGel is an essential product in my clinical ‘toolbox’ and should be in the medicine cabinet of anyone who experiences nerve pain or body aches. It’s simple but extremely effective!!

    Best pain gel on the market

    I’ve been using prologel for over 2 yrs and I’m amazed with the results. The instant pain relief I see on a day to day basis with my patients blows my mind. I’ve used many different pain gels in the past but I have to say Prologel works best!

    Bye bye back pain!! Happy customer :)

    I can't believe it has taken me this long to find out about prologel... This stuff is amazing! I work long hours standing on my feet as a GM for a fine dining restaurant and after a couple of hours of work, my lower back begins to ache and continues to hurt throughout the shift, at night, and into the next morning. Prologel has completely taken away my discomfort and pain!! I started to apply it before my shift and when I get home and all I can say is that this product works quickly and effectively like no other pain product I have tried for my back pain.