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    Based on 405 reviews
    Works for nerve pain

    This is the first product we have found that actually works for my daughter’s nerve pain. Bonus is that it does not have a strong odor.

    ProloGel® Deep Green Formula - 6 oz Soft Tube
    Nice job…great product

    Pleasantly surprised how this helped a shoulder that just wouldn’t relax. I was a little skeptical, but after two fellow racquet sports friends recommended it direct from their sports docs…. I decided to give it a try. Highly recommend trying this out.

    Pain gel

    It’s ok. My pain level and inflammation require more than this gel provides. Thank you

    ProloGel® DEEP GREEN Formula – Discount Twin-Pack (2 x 6 oz Soft Tubes)
    Raul Delgado

    Prologel is my first choice to treat my chronic pain.Helps me a lot.

    Fast Pain Relief

    I am so very glad that we found ProloGel several years ago. Over the last few years it has helped with pain in knees, neck, shoulders and wrists. I was really happy when we tried the Urgent Care with the Lidocane. After a fall where my back was twisted it helped me immediately. Please keep making it available.

    Very Effective

    Most Effective pain relieving topical product that i have ever tried. Can use very small amount, rub In gently and feel instant pain relief. Highly recommend

    ProloGel® Deep Green Formula - 6 oz Soft Tube
    ken edwall

    Great product

    Works great!

    My Chiropractor told me about this product. I use it on my neck and shoulders daily when I get home from work. It is truly deep penetrating pain relief.

    Great product

    I have been using prolonged for about 3 years nothing helps relieve pain better


    I have used other products with no success, ProloGel is different in that it helps with my foot and ankle pain. I highly recommend giving his product a try.

    Good stuff

    I love the way it ease the pain


    I purchased this for the pain in my feet caused by neuropathy. This has helped tremendously!

    Finally Neuropathy Pain Relief

    ProloGel is the only Neuropathy pain relief product that has actually worked for my nightly foot pain.

    Product satisfaction

    The ProloGet product is very effective on joint pains and it doesn’t have any strong smell to it. Once it gets on the affected area the pain is relieved. My husband and I both recommend it highly for anyone who is looking for help with pain.

    Great stuff

    When this stuff works - it works!

    One of the few products that actually does what it claims to do

    I’ve had multiple patients look at me in disbelief when Prologel has taken away a substantial amount of their pain. Yesterday I applied Prologel Neurotherapy on an acute radicular injury and the relief for the patient was substantial enough that we could do more manual therapy where previously there would have been no chance. Could not recommend this product strongly enough.

    So far so good

    I have been using Prologel at the recommendation of my doctor for mild neuropathy in my feet. So far it seems to be keeping the nerves calmed down so my feet are not restless when I lie down to go to sleep.


    It works for me.Just a little dab will do

    PRW--ProloGel Really Works

    We Canadians also need Pain Relief. ProloGel really works and it does it quickly with a soothing feeling and fragrance.
    My wife and I were winners when we found out about ProloGel.

    Next Level Pain Relief

    I started using Prologel one week ago on my patients. I’ve always had great results helping my patients through their pain using soft tissue therapies and Erchonia laser. Some cases would improve but take a little longer than what I had hoped. I can already see a greater reduction in pain from the more difficult cases. I plan using Prologel as part of my regular treatment routine from here on out.

    The Best Product for Pain

    I have been using other products for pain that didn't do much to ease the discomfort. Prologel is amazing! I can put it on and the pain goes away in just a few minutes!

    It is exelent

    My muscle pain goes away , I can sleep all night.