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    The science is a little complicated but we hope that this short video will help to make it a little more understandable:

    The Sweet Science Behind ProloGel

    ProloGel® products are based on two, groundbreaking discoveries in clinical neuroscience.  The first is related to how nerves can produce serious pain when they become overexcited or irritated (called neurogenic inflammation or neural sensitization).  This appears to happen in many ways, including after injury but it appears that this may also happen spontaneously in some people.  The second is based on how a simple, novel, combination of natural ingredients can powerfully and almost instantly reverse this state, apparently restoring normal nerve function and dramatically reducing pain.

    (This mechanism is so unique that ProloGel® has received two patents for it and as such, is the only topical cream or gel that can harness this mechanism and use these simple types of ingredients for this purpose.)

    ProloGel works differently to other Topical Pain Products

    There are two important factors that differentiate ProloGel® from other topical products:

    1) ProloGel® has no smell and has no burning sensation on the skin:

    Most products on the market temporarily mask pain by creating a cooling, burning or stinging sensation on the skin.  This is called a counterirritant.   These ingredients do nothing, in most cases, to address the underlying cause of pain.  Clue:  If a cream has a strong smell (like mint, camphor or eucalyptus – it is using this effect).

    2) ProloGel® is aimed at treating nerves… the source of pain in many cases

    Rather than just masking pain on the surface, the patented ingredients in ProloGel® go about diminishing or eliminating irritation to nerves that in many cases may be causing pain and obstructing proper healing in injured tissue.  Apparently, ProloGel works by supporting normal nerve function rather than interfering with the perception of pain.