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    How you use ProloGel® matters! It works best when it is concentrated directly over nerves (this approach is so effective and unique that we have received a patent for it).

    Some General Guidelines for Best Results:   

    1. (Using the images below), aim to deliver as much gel as possible into the entire orange Pzone associated with your target body part.
    2. Use a generous amount of gel for each application! (typically a minimum of 1-2 Tablespoons per application).  
    3. Try to also focus on any sore areas you find in the target body part (these are often little sore spots or points... sometimes called "trigger points".) 
    4. Don't rush!  Spend at least 1-2 minutes focusing the gel into the area - you want to deliver as much gel below the skin as possible.  
    5. Do not spread the gel like a typical cosmetic or sunblock.  Don't let it dissipate over a large area: Rather, concentrate the gel into the target area and PZones (especially into any "little sore spots" you find within each zone). 
    6. Spend a little extra time and gel in the areas shown with circles in each PZone.
    7. Apply ProloGel multiple times (3-4) per day (as well as before and after physical activity that you think may provoke the target body part... good after a warm shower when the skin is more permeable.)

    Warnings:  Never use ProloGel on broken skin, inside open wounds, or inside any natural body opening.  Do not use if pregnant or nursing.  If any skin rash or irritation occurs, immediately discontinue use and consult your physician. 

    Target: Lower Back

    Lower Back ProloGel 

    Target: Hip

    Hip ProloGel

    Target: Knee

    Knee ProloGel 

    Target: Hamstrings

    Hamstrings ProloGel 

    Target: Shin

    Shin ProloGel 

    Target: Foot

    Foot ProloGel

    Target: Achilles

    Achilles ProloGel 

    Target: Neck

    Neck ProloGel

    Target: Shoulder

    Shoulder ProloGel

    Target: Head

    Target: Scar

    Scar ProloGel 

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