Neuro ProloGel

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Healthcare Providers

Discount Pricing for Providers

"You will have to see it to believe it!" If you have never applied a topical agent, specifically formulated utilizing cutting-edge concepts in clinical neuroscience, you're going to be amazed by the results you achieve with Neuro ProloGel®.

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Active Humans

For Athletes who can’t Stop… ProloGel keeps you on the Move!

Hard workers, high-level players, weekend-warriors and super moms all enjoy the soothing, feel-good benefits of Neuro ProloGel®. When other creams, gels or rubs won't get the job done, it's time to try ProloGel?'s unique, soothing formula.

* ProloGel® products are currently only available through this website BUY PROLOGEL NOW to experience the powerful effects of the most exciting topical on the market for active people..

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Massage & Manual Therapists

Make Manual Techniques more Effective!

Many sports and rapid relief-focused therapists consider ProloGel®'s to be the go-to product to boost their manual therapy results. For a growing body of modern, manual therapists, ProloGel® is synonymous with Rapid Relief – ProloGel® results cannot be matched! Massage Therapists are eligible for FREE Healthcare Provider accounts and deep discounts on pricing.

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