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    Most people find the Original Neuro ProloGel®8oz to be the best value for money. 

    The Neuro ProloGel®2oz tube is Air Travel (TSA) compliant, which means it can go in your carry-on luggage when you fly.   This is great if you’re traveling but don’t want to be without relief.    These products are transparent and rub in fast so they will not stain clothing – great for those who use it at work or before working out. 

    ProloGel®Intensive Pain Gelis the most concentrated form of ProloGel®with a few more ingredients, intended for those with severe pain or nerve conditions.  

    We also sell ProloTheraTMCombo Packs, which are ideal to support those with joint pain (like arthritis) or ongoing inflammatory conditions.   This provides a combination therapeutic approach that utilizes our topical ProloGel®products with metabolic support in the form of highly purified and concentrated form of Methysulfonylmethane (MSM).