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    ProloGel therapy and sports gels are primarily intended for sale to healthcare providers as an adjunct to musculoskeletal rehabilitation measures. ProloGel products are offered to healthcare providers at a significant discount over retail price. Our products are only offered for sale online.

    If you are a healthcare provider seeking to offer ProloGel products in your practice, simply visit our contact page and complete the "New Practitioner" form, which will begin your application process for an account with ProloGel (no purchase necessary to establish an account). Approval, which will involve verification of your status as a healthcare practitioner, typically takes no more than 48 hours.

    You will be notified by email once your account is set-up. From that point, ordering ProloGel products will be as simple as visiting our website, logging in and placing your order.

    If you are not a healthcare provider, there are 3 ways to purchase ProloGel:

    1) Purchase through an approved ProloGel healthcare provider: You can locate approved ProloGel providers on our "Where to Buy" page. ProloGel products are typically offered at below retail price by most providers and you can also save on shipping fees by ordering through your provider.

    2) Open an account with ProloGel: To open an online account with our website, you will need to a Quick Pass number from an approved provider. This will be given to you when your provider refers you to our website. There is no credit check involved and your privacy is always respected and protected. By registering an account, you can purchase ProloGel at a reduced price over retail cost.

    3) Quick Purchase option (without opening an online account): We do offer 5oz ProloGel in air pump format as a "Quick Purchase" option in our online store. Simply click "Order Now" at the top left of this website to use this option. This option allows you to buy ProloGel without an account on our website.

    The fastest way to set up your ProloGel account is to use a "Quick Pass Number", which will be provided to you by one of our sales representatives. If you have been issued a "Quick Pass Number", this confirms that your credentials as a provider have been pre-validated. To use a "Quick Pass Number" simply enter it on the website, complete a single page form and you will be able to immediately purchase ProloGel products.

    Alternatively, if you have not been pre-verified by one of our representatives, you can simply visit our contact page and complete a brief "New Practitioners / Apply for New Account" form. It typically takes 24-48 hrs for our staff to review your form and to verify your status as a healthcare provider (or student in a healthcare field).

    ProloGel products are sold on this website and are only sold online.

    ProloGel products can be purchased by licensed health providers, including medical physicians, osteopathic physicians, nurses, chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, occupational therapists and practitioners in training. In order to purchase product, providers will have to apply to set up an account by visiting our contact page and completing the "New Practitioners" form.

    Non-healthcare providers can also purchase ProloGel through this website. ProloGel 5oz can be purchased without an account although non-providers can purchase this product at a below-retail rate when they are referred to our site by their healthcare provider (approved ProloGel providers will issue their clients a "Quick Pass" number, which verifies that they have been referred by a provider.

    Ordering ProloGel online is Easy! Once your account is set-up on this website, ordering new product is as easy as logging in, selecting product and processing your online payment through our secure payment gateway. Product will be shipped directly to your office or home.