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    To achieve the best results, apply ProloGel as follows:

    1. Apply 1-2 tea spoons of ProloGel to each zone. 
    2. Spend at least 30-60 secs on each zone: try to focus the gel in a focused area until it is rubbed in well.  Do not let the gel spread out - keep it focused in the center of the target area.
    3. Use firm pressure to rub the gel in well (similar to the pressure you would use to knead dough). 
    4. You can also apply the gel in accordance with your own massage technique so long as the gel is delivered to the center of each zone.
    5. For "bulls eye" targets (represented by concentric circles), consider adding extra gel (approx 1 teaspoon) and focus the entire amount in the center of the target (typically taking 30-60 secs).
    6. After application, finish off by swiping the skin surface with a single swipe with a damp cloth to remove remaining gel from skin surface before it dries.

      Target Area: Neck (2 PZones)

      Corresponding Neck PZones (1): Side of Neck 

      Corresponding Neck PZones (2): Back of Neck

      Target Area: Shoulder (3 PZones)

      Corresponding Shoulder PZones (1): Armpit

      Corresponding Shoulder PZones (2): Side of Neck 

      Corresponding Shoulder PZones (3): Back of Neck 

      Target Area: Low Back


      Corresponding Low Back PZones: Low Back

      Target Area: Hip (2 PZones)

      Corresponding Hip PZones (1): Side of Hip

      Corresponding Hip PZones (2): Low Back

      Target Area: Hamstring


      Corresponding Hamstring PZones: Hamstring 

      Target Area: Knee 

      Corresponding Knee PZones: Knee

      Target Area: Calf & Achilles Tendon

      Corresponding Calf and Achilles PZones (1): Calf & Achilles Tendon

      Corresponding Calf and Achilles PZones (2): Side of Foot

      Target Area: Shin 

      Corresponding Shin PZones: Shin 

      Target Area: Foot (3 PZones)

      Corresponding Foot PZones (1): Top of Foot

      Corresponding Foot PZones (2): Side of Foot

      Corresponding Foot PZones (3): Bottom of Foot

      Target Area: Scars

      Corresponding Scar PZones: General Scars