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    Rehab, Orthopedic & Performance Specialists

    "You'll have to Try ProloGel to Believe it!"

    ProloGel® is a new kind of therapy and sports gel formulated based on cutting-edge discovery in clinical neuroscience, developed with the high-volume rehabilitation specialist in mind.  Rapidly soothing and long-lasting our topical formulae are developed utilizing unique physiological mechanisms to bring about clinical benefits that you will notice immediately. 

    For use during therapy or between treatment sessions, ProloGel is an indispensable tool for the Modern, Manual, Rehabilitation Specialist.

    ProloGel® is a one-of-a-kind formula, born from the proliferative therapies, that is used by a variety of practitioners to complement their existing clinical methods. Practitioners that utilize our products describe a unanimously impressive clinical experience with near unbelievable results. There simply is no other product like ours.

    We have made a number of improvements to our newest formulae including changing the texture to better suit the needs of high-volume, manual therapy practitioners. We have also enhanced the absorbability of our topical gel to save time in application and to avoid residue on the skin and to facilitate the use of ProloGel topicals with manual therapies such as fascial release, massage and neuro-mobilization techniques.


    ProloGel®'s proprietary, multiple, patented formulation is only available to the public through this website. Providers have several options to make ProloGel available to their clients.  Firstly, they can refer their clients to our website through their own account, which will allow their clients to purchase ProloGel at a discounted rate.  A second option is for providers to stock ProloGel in their own practice, in which case we offer deep, practitioner and volume discounts. To order ProloGel®, you will have to register with our website. Once your provider credentials are verified, you can simply utilize our easy ordering process to order product online.

    * ProloGel formulae are one-of-a-kind, proprietary and patented.

    ProloGel's unique action and fast-penetrating formula brings about a more robust response in less time.

    The Original is Now Even Better!

    Whether you've been using Neuro ProloGel® for years or whether you are a new provider adding this remarkable product to your range of services, we are certain that you will be satisfied with the new and improved Neuro ProloGel® formula. Here are some reasons why:

    Rapid penetration

    In order to better serve our manual therapy and sports practitioners, we have improved the deliverability of our topical gel to cut down on application time and to bring about faster benefits.

    No Sticky or tacky residue

    Many topical agents will leave an oily, wet or sticky residue on the skin. This can be frustrating in the clinical environment as this can stain clothes and find its way onto treatment surfaces and equipment. Our topical gel goes in fast and disappears, making it ideal as a complementary agent to manual, physical therapy methods such as soft-tissue work, myofascial release and manual, nerve mobilization techniques.

    Hypoallergenic with no odor

    We intentionally avoided the use of any perfumes or strong-smelling agents so that the gel can be used frequently without any residual odor.

    New Formula

    Our new formula is improved! While we preserved our foundational, patented, ingredient base, we have enhanced the effects of our gel with new ingredients that markedly improve its performance.